VA home eligibility, There so much more

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As transfer season gets into full swing many military and veterans do not know all they should about their VA eligibility to buy a home with their earned benefits.  Have you used your VA loan eligibility? If not, why not?  If you have, did you know you could use it more than once? Did you know you could use your loan eligibility more than once at the same time if the terms are right? Did you know you can wave the funding fee? Did you know you can go above the VA loan limit?    I always get the same response from these statement, "I wish I knew that". So if you are thinking about buying a home whether it is a single family, townhome or Condo your benefits might be able to help you with Zero money down.  If you have any question about using your VA loan to buy a home click the contact button and leave me a message. I understand how important this loan can be to help you get into a home. I have used it a number of times and would be happy to explain how this benefit works and get you into a home or another home when you are ready. If you are not sure you qualify you can go to and see if you do. While there see what else the eBenifits site has to offer. there is so much information on the site. Use a good email other then you mil and password for the eBenifits site or remember to change it before you leave the service.. Once you no longer have access to your CaC or mil address it becomes a challenge to reset the password.  

BTW. you can even do your disability claim through the site as well. It's not as hard as you think.