Thinking of renting a home? Know your options?

Real Estate

There are many reason why people prefer to rent verse buy a home. You in the military or you will only be in the area for a couple years, your not sure you are ready, need time to work on your credit, afaird of buyers remorse, not sure what you really want and the list goes on.

There are options: 

You could do a rent to owner if you are working on your credit.

You can find a home listed for rent, sometimes there just not enough options. 

You could open up the possibilities by looking at for sale home that could become your future rental expanding your options. 

You could just wait

You could settle

Not matter reason you want to rent a home, A lease to own program could help. The lease to own program allows you lease the home with an option to buy but has no requirement to buy. It allows you to lease the home and if you don't like it after your lease is up you can walk away just like any other rental. You have 5 years to lease in the Northern Virginia area. The rent is per determined and so is the price of the home.

If you need time to fix your credit the program has teamed up with a financial company to help you get your financial life back in order while your living in your leased home.

If you want more information click the contact me button. I would be happy to help you find a rental home no matter the option you choose. Not every program is right for everyone. Knowing all your options is.