Thinking about selling, Maximize Your homes Value


Free checklist with help from Zbuyerconnect

Step 1: An Honest Assessment

It's time to think like a buyer. Put on your workboots and windbreaker and walk the property, inside and out, and be honest: What needs work? Even if it's just a dinged corner or a scraggly flowerbed, put it on a list to make sure it gets addressed before the "For Sale" sign lands in your yard. If you have a family capable of helping out, even make an assignment list and a set a reward for the person who gets his or her list done first.

Step 2: Big Things First

Does your home need new cabinets to sell for top dollar? A deck? A bathroom remodel? New windows? Get those things done first, so when it comes time to add details the big things are in place. The faster you need it the more it will cost, so a little proper planning can save you money on the front end and back end in the form of time on the market.

Step 3: Exterior Vision

Maybe your client never made the yard all it could be while they lived in the home, but it's never too late, and studies show that curb appeal is the number one physical factor that determines whether a prospect actually steps inside a home. The good news? Simple fixes go a long way. Clean the gutters, clear the dead brush, leaves and gumballs that collected over the winter. Install some affordable lighting and (if necessary) slap on a fresh coat of paint. You'll be amazed at the transformation a couple of weekend of work can make.  See my power washing blog and the difference it can make.

Step 4: One Room at a Time

It's easy to look at your to-do list, and the obvious things that need to be done before listing, and get quite overwhelmed. It's okay. On your initial list, assign each room a priority and tackle them one at a time. It's surprising how much difference just getting one room decluttered can make, and the sense of momentum that comes from tidying up just one section of the house. 

Sept 5: Invest in Storage

Part of decluttering is getting rid of the furniture, storage bins and stuff of life that collect in closets and corners around your house. We suggest a short-term storage rental where you can sock unwanted or seasonal items away, stress-free, prior to sale. Once you move, you can assess what you want from that stockpile, move what you need to your new home and get rid of the rest without it ever taking up space in your new home. This simultaneously makes your current home more attractive to prospective buyers, and simplifies your life going forward.

Step 6: Make it Pop

With your home decluttered and looking its best, it's time to focus on the details. If you're in a competitive market and motivated to sell quickly, you could do worse than to consult a local interior designer to give your home the extra attention to detail it may need to stand out. The latest colors, patterns and design notes will be noticed - at the very least you can stand to invest in some new linen, kitchen and bathroom accents as well as outdoor furniture (the latter of which can always be a nice negotiating piece, once it comes time for that).

Step 7: Make it Smart

Update thermostat, plugs, smoke and CO2 detectors, water detection alarms, door looks, door bells, home security systems or even add a smart assistance like Alexa or Google. Not all SMART devices need monthly. See my blog on The ecobee Smart thermostat.

If you have any questions. it will be my pleasure to assist you.

Mention this blog and I add a home warranty up to 500.00 to help make your home stand out if you give me the privilege of selling your home.