Tax Return & Loan Options= Homeowner?

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Its tax season and you may be expecting a refund.

You could use your refund to help pay down debt or you could use your refund to help with with closing costs on a home. Either way you are working towards your financial future. See my blog "Under 34? The key to your retirement riches."

If you are thinking of buying a home there are a lot of loan options to help first time buyers and others get into a home. 

One program is called the VHDA plus second mortgage program. This program is worth considering and here is why.

1. You can get up to 5% of assistance in a repayable second lien spread over a 30 year fixed rate.  So if you needed 12000.00 in assistance you payment on the second mortgage would be about $40.00 a month.  This can be used towards your closing costs or down payment.

2.  You can borrow up to 1.5% more than the sales price. 

3. There are 0% down payment options

4. Can be paired with the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program. This is a great program not only does it allow you to use the interest you are paying as a tax incentive to low your tax liability. You can also get a tax credit which allows you to lower you taxable income. I have more information on this. 

Do you Qualify

Here are some requirements 

Must be living in VA

Must be a first time buyer or repeat buyer purchasing in a federal targeted areas

Must be used with Fannie Mae mortgage (No mortgage insurance & Reduced mortgage insurance) and FHA mortgage

1% minimum buyer contribution required. This is where your tax return could help you.

FICO score minimum and income and sales price limits apply.

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