Prepare for the loan, limit the stress


Paperwork you should get ready but is not required to have prior talking with a loan officer. The more you prepare and provide to the loan officer the more efficient the process. Buyers like to wait to get pre-approved or pre-quailed until they find a home. At this point the process will move fast. There are a ton of questions that need to be answered, decisions that need to be made and the stress level of getting it all completed in a short period of time so you can make a competitive offer in a fast moving market could cause you to loss that perfect home. A little planning can help reduce some of the stress, help the loan officer find the best loan for you  and it can even help you make an offer that is as good as cash if you qualify making your offer stand out. There are so many options today market.

Taxes returns at least 2 year but could require more

Bank statement, financial statements, 2-6 months

Pat stubs

Rental history for at least the last 12 months, if currently renting

Gift letter (if using gift funds)

List of your debts

List of all your assets

Credit Report

Profit and loss statements

Signed sales agreement, once we get an approved contract.

Proof of additional income

Divorcee decree (if applies)

Bankruptcy paperwork (if applies)