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Will donate a can of food to the local food bank for every contact  I get from 5 Nov to 26 Nov 2019 (up to $1000.00.) No obligation to use my services. Let's fill the food bank. 

Then if you are planning to buy or sell a home in Northern VA over the next year this black Friday deal never expires.

Rates are low for buyers.

For buyers get current market data, free training session, information on closing costs from loan programs or from home sellers, the latest loan information, and a home warranty up to 600.00 when we close on a home together. Hit the contact me button. Tell me a little about yourself and let's get the free no obligation conversation started. It's never to early to start and to be ready to buy a home.

Check out this site loan wizard to see what type of loan, grant money or low down payment options that can help you get into a loan today

then check out the area you want to live at the link below under the For sellers paragraph. 


For sellers, If I list your home you can expect Listing Concierge marketing your home with print, web, videos, and the latest technology and  will provide home warranty up to 600.00 to help attract more buyers. The warranty could even cover your home during the selling process ensuring any unexpected events do not derail the sale.  It's never to early to get market updates to have an understanding of the market. Click the contact me button and leave me your address and I will set you up with a monthly market analysis of your local area and the actual price sold for in your neighborhood. There is more to a sold price then the number you see on websites and mailer. 

Click below and type in your zip code and get general information to include market analysis, community information, local school information, compare areas and insider tips.  Click the register now button  follow the prompts and get your stats delivered to you.

If you are looking to buy for sell anywhere in the world, I can help as well. Let me know where you are looking to buy or sell a home  and I will get you in touch with an agent in your area. 

Black Friday sales