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Hello Neighbor, 

As we continue to stay at home and do our best to social distance life goes which includes buying and selling a home. There are many reason why we buy and sell homes, Some reasons are good and some give us a reason to move on.  

Checkout some of the reports you can receive to help you better understand what is happening in today's market whether you are a buyer or seller. If you are interested in getting a personalized report(s) click the contact button on my page or in the report itself and let me know what area of information you would like to receive. This information can help buyers and seller. #guided #informed Sample reports not limited to only these areas. County reports can be monthly or Quarterly. Specific market neighborhood or location information reports can be updated more frequently. 1,7,14,21 etc.

County report 

Woodbridge (Prince William County) https://mce.cbprospectsquare.com/mce/prj/cwb/history/MT/2020-03/MT_12618_13281866_619162_181204.htm

Specific Market

Hayfield Farms area https://mce.cbprospectsquare.com/mce/prj/cwb/history/PIP/20200420/PIP_12618_2164011_180551.htm


Whether you plan to buy or sell information is key. Understanding you can find most of the data you need on-line, through your mortgage statement and from family or friends. I listen to clients needs and use market data to inform buyers and sellers.  I prepare buyers and seller to understand all the paperwork needed to buy or sell a home to ensure they are informed on what to expect, deadlines and to outline the process from start to finish. Price and days on market are only pieces of the home buying and selling process



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