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When you start to think about buying a home there is so much information out there and so much information a buyer should know. The more you know the more it could minimize regret.

Dreaming, Thinking, going to buy a home is a fast moving market.
When talking with buyers, I hear the same questions/comments over and over again.
When should be start looking houses the market seems to be moving fast?
How long does it take to close on a home? How long will that take.
What's the process?
Many buyers will do their own homework to try to answer these questions and more? Why because let's face it once you ask a question about a home on a realtor site you will get a ton of emails, text and phone calls, I get it. I am guilty of sending these same type of correspondence. Everyone trying to win your business. I do commend you for do the research any information about buying a home is a great start.
Let's change this. I want to help buyers get the information they need. So that potential buyers can see and get the most up to date data, get you thinking about the right question(s), and know the process so as the buyer you are no forced or rushed to make a decision you might regret later.
I hope you earn your trust, when you’re ready to buy your new home, it will be my pleasure to help you. Please feel free to shop or dream for your next home. Even if you own a home, I am here for you too. With a market that is always changing and laws that are being updated all the time having the latest information can help you decide if now it the right time to go bigger or smaller.
If you are interested in becoming a knowledgeable buyer or just want to shop and/or dream in peace. Let me know I would be happy to assist you. Make sure to check out my blog and my Facebook page regularly, I will be posting questions and answers on all different topics. You can click on the contact me button and I will answer any questions you have. If you are already under contract with an agent, please contact them with any questions you have.

Ask me how I can help off set some of the moving costs. Also see my blog on hidden costs.

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