Don't miss the mark with home buyers regrets


When you buy most things in life there is some sought of a return policy. The only time you can return a home you do not like is before you sign on the dotted line and it still might cost you some money. Buying a home is one of the most expensive purchases you will make and the return policy is what until you have enough equity to sell, give up more of your hard earned money or see if you can modify the home. You have seen those shows. A home is more than where you live, it becomes a feeling.

There are many articles about home buyer regrets. Leaving home buyers wondering when they can afford to move on. There are many reasons for home buyers regret wrong size home. wrong home loan, wrong location, wrong priorities on what they needed VS wanted and the list goes on. Since buying a home is  one of the most expensive decision you will make having regret(s) and living with this decision can add undue stress in a stressful world. I know you can easily sit in a home buyers class and get the information you need if you can find one that meets your schedule or you can use your phone and Google everything or you can just ask friends and family or a combination  of all three. Most home buyers spend more time shopping the sites for that perfect home then thinking about the home buying process. Don't get lost in the crowd or internet, every home buyer is different so get the get the personal information you need to make you make this decision. 

If you could minimize your home buying regrets, what would you be willing to do not to live or pay for a home that is not working for you?

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