Don't be this home buyer?


Don’t be this home buyer! So today I received a lead, the buyer was wanting to know if the home they saw over the weekend during an open house was still available. Here it is Tuesday and the buyer is now ready to put in an offer. They spent the last couple of days getting PREPARED. The home they loved went to an already PREPARED BUYER. You probably have a reason(s) why you have not reached out to an agent. You do not want to be bothered with agents and loan offers calling you all hours. You want to be able to shop or maybe you just aren’t sure how the process works, or if they is any money involved or you think you can use the internet to find most of the information you need, which is mostly correct. 

Why should you start working with agent,

I can show you what you will not find on internet. Like how the market moves Northern Virginia.

I can show you data the big home searching sites are not updating, giving you an impression you have time.

I can show you the data to see whether you could or should ask for down payment assistance. Keeping money in your pocket. 

I can help reduce buyer’s remorse. 

This is one of the largest purchases you will make,  GET PREPARED.


My job as your Realtor is to ensure you are the as prepared as possible. 

I work with great loan officers who can make the buying process work to meet your needs, help make your offer stronger, save you time and possibly even save you money or qualify you for a tax credit for your taxes. If you’re not ready to buy now that is OK. I can still get you started with some information. You never know when the Right house at the Right time will be available and now you will be the PREPARED BUYER.

It's just a phone call, test or email.