A promise goes a long way

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I believe in keeping my promises and I understand that keeping a promise take hard work.and dedication, I made a promise to serve my county and my community, I served for 26 years and today I am active in my local community.  If you would like to know more please read below and see how my promise can help you. 

As the agent awarded the privilege of guiding you to your next home, I am honored to pledge my full commitment to making the experience as pleasurable, timely and free of stress for you as possible.

By highlighting the Coldwell Banker® network’s full suite of proprietary tools and my skilled services as an affiliated agent, this document provides me with a unique opportunity to create a customized strategy for finding your new home.



Buyer Counseling Session
I will meet with you in order to learn about your needs and goals so that I can create a strategy for your home search.

Buyer Representation
I will review your buyer representation choices as well as all of your alternatives before presenting you with your Representation Agreement and explaining all of the special services and benefits it affords you.

Coldwell Banker Home Buyer Guidebook
I will guide you in using this valuable resource to help find your new home.

Home Evaluation
I will discuss with you the range of attributes most valued by homebuyers and explain the features of a property that may affect its value.

Property Previews
I will diligently work to present targeted properties based on your specific criteria to ensure you make an effective and efficient decision.

Property Showings

Using my knowledge of the local property inventory, I will select properties for showing that meet your expressed needs and budget, and help you evaluate the properties you have viewed to reach a decision to purchase.

Guidance to Local Resources

I will direct you to sources of local information on schools, parks and recreation and other community amenities.

Coldwell Banker Digital Platforms
In addition to ensuring you have maximum ability to view the available homes that best suit your needs and wants, I will provide you with greater access through the full network of Coldwell Banker websites and digital platforms.

This industry-leading technology will also give you the unprecedented opportunity to invite your friends and family to support you in navigating this monumental experience by providing them virtual access to view listings and share comments about various homes.



Negotiation Strategy
I will guide you in preparing a negotiation strategy for your selected property, in addition to providing a written Competitive Market Analysis and advice on the initial price and offer terms, when permitted.

Offer Presentation
I will present your purchase offer directly to the listing agent or, if appropriate, directly to the seller in the presence of the listing agent.

Review of Written Seller Disclosure
At your direction, I will seek remedy for any disclosed faults in the offer to purchase based on our review of the seller’s written disclosure statement.



Home Inspections
I will guide you in reviewing any and all available inspection reports as well as other documents pertaining to the condition of a property and recommend the names of reputable inspectors who can provide professional property and termite inspection reports, if needed. 

Home Inspection Remedies
I will review property and termite inspection reports with you in order to guide you in requesting and specifying remedies in your purchase offer.

Pre-Settlement Inspection
I will conduct a pre-closing walk-through of your selected property and assist you in handling any problems we discover.

Title and Settlement

I will answer questions and provide necessary assistance with understanding title search and settlement procedures to ensure a successful closing.

Coldwell Banker Home Protection Plan®
I will review with you the benefits of purchasing a home warranty, which reduces your risk of repair after purchasing your new home. I will even purchase a home warranty for you. Ask me for details. 


At your request, I will provide a list of lenders who would be able to assist with your borrowing needs.

Closing the Sale
I will monitor and inform you about progress from the creation of the purchase agreement through the closing.



After the Sale
I will follow up with you after closing to see if you have any outstanding issues or service needs. I will maintain periodic contact and be available to update you on neighborhood trends and values. I will recommend or refer you to expert professionals regarding any repairs or home improvements, where appropriate.

Personal and Timely Response
I will return every phone call and email within [insert time frame, i.e., 24 hours], in addition to providing you with weekly progress reports about the finding or purchasing of your new home.

I, _________________________________, pledge to service you in the purchase of your new home using all the services and tools listed, providing timely feedback and information as spelled out in this promise, to ensure a smooth and stress-free home purchase experience. If I fail to deliver on any part of this commitment, you may contact __________________, Office Manager for Coldwell Banker _____________ to request a meeting and discuss resolutions to ensure your satisfaction.