5 Tips for going to an open house or seeing a home

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Here me now tips for reviewing a home during an appointment or open house. Using a bullhorn is not one of them

1.       Shoes: Wear shoes that you can take off or can be covered up. Homes that had carpet cleaned, hard wood floors restored, or the owner does not want the dirt tracked through their home will ask you to take off or cover your shoes.

2.       Use your inside voice. Write things down. Keep notes on your phone. You never know who is listening and things you say out loud or tell the seller’s agent helps the seller keep the price high if you like everything you see or you think you will put in an offer. If you are not interested some feedback could be appropriate. If you are at an open house and other people are there silence is the key, but open your ears just in case.

3.       No pictures. you are not allowed to take pictures, unless given permission to do so.

4.       Wants and Needs. Go with you list of wants (nice to have) and/or needs (must have). You might be able to move a want to a need or a need to a want. List tend to change so be flexible. 

5.       Looks. Remember that things like the home is dated, the paint, floors and appliances can all be switch out if the home has everything you are looking for. Before going to look at a home spend some time going through home improvement stores and get an idea of prices or use the internet to see what if will cost to do certain products.

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