When you finally make the decision to buy a home, do you have a plan to get you to your final destination? In most cases the road to homeownership it is not as a straight as you think. There will most likely be a couple turns and decisions you need to make along the way. Most can be easily navigated by plotting your destination and staying on track. But what do you do when an unforeseen turn ends up on your path possibly delaying your home buying destination? Working with a realtor from the beginning can help assist you in setting your destination, preparing you for those unexpected turns and decisions while assisting you in recalculating your journey to find you the next best path.
Let’s work together to navigate today’s real estate market, making sure any recalculation we make is timely, necessary and leads to the final destination of homeownership with a home that is “Just Right”.

Buyer agreement: understand this agreement before you get emotionally attached could ensure your best interests are considered. How the buyer agent gets paid, why dual agency and dual representation could impact your ability to receive advice?
Buyer agents compensation is determine in the buyers agreement. The good news is that in most cases the seller of the home has agrreed to pay the buyer agent. I can explain this process to you and what happens when the buyer agreement and the seller do not agree on compensation but the bottom line is I do not get paid until you buy a home. 
Steps you should be taking: What steps should you be working on before you find that perfect home.
Data: How data can be used to navigate you through the offering phase.  What data can you really gain from those internet site?
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